Alternotion provides business and design services in the UK and Europe for enterprises and individuals.

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We are a small group of professionals passionate about delivering quality and value. Where needed, we work with external professionals who share our passions so we can deliver to our client's brief in the most appropriate and effective way.

Our clients are mostly within Europe and the UK; we prefer to work within fairly local timezones and to minimise CO2 emissions where possible. Having said that, if you think we may be able to help you and you are not in Europe / UK, Skype or Zoom are always to hand.

We always try to think outside the box; to think sideways, not straight ahead. Alternotion; altered notions; different thinking.

board room, coaching & consultancy
Independent input at board and executive levels can significantly help SMEs improve performance, grow markets and meet regulatory requirements
executive training
Voice and presentation skills are key attributes for executives. We also provide 1-to-1 Business English courses for non-native speakers doing business with the UK.
design and photography
Web and print design - coupled with quality photography - are at the forefront in presenting your image.



We focus primarily on working with SMEs to help them successfully navigate the near- and medium-term future, whilst sustainably growing their business and meeting governance requirements. Our director has been a non-executive director (NED) for a number of UK companies over the past 15 years, including start-ups, and is keen to help more companies. In combination with the NED role, we can offer Executive Coaching to the Board.

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Coaching is increasingly seen as an exceptional route to successful growth and innovation for both individuals and organisations. This century has already seen radical changes in how we live and work. The importance of creativity, innovation and thinking outside the box in finding ways forward for our organisations, ourselves and our staff, whilst generating a positive impact on our world has probably never been so great.

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Online payments have grown in both quantity and transaction value for many years. Since COVID-19, online payments have become the default payment method for many people. As such, virtually any merchant / supplier in the B2C space needs to support online payments. With over 20 years experience in this area, we can help new and existing online businesses, PSPs and acquirers improve resilience, minimise costs and increase coverage.

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Whether face to face or online, in the business world we are always presenting. It can be argued that when working online, presentation skills are even more important in getting your message across. Outstanding presentation skills can make all the difference.

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Voice Training is an integral part of Presenting. It is also important in a very wide range of situations from business meetings to sales calls, from voiceovers to interviews. Our extensive experience in voice training can help you make the impact you need to in most situations.

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Aimed at the non-native English speaker who needs to better communicate with native English speakers, our one-to-one courses can help you grow your confidence - and your success.

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All our sites are fully content managed and designed for mobile first, plus tablet and laptop. Mobile access counts for the majority of website viewings and consequently takes priority. We aim for clean design that illustrates, describes and supports our client's business and helps sell. We can also generate videos with fully scripted, professional voiceovers and / or bespoke photography for your site.

Recent example sites include:

We offer web hosting, domain registration and maintenance packages to provide an all-round solution to help reduce the pressure on your valuable time.

As part of our design service, we also design for print - physical brochures, adverts, manuals and business cards. We work with great local lithographic and digital printers to produce output of the quantity and quality you need.

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Up to date head shots and portraits are often needed for both online and print environments. We can bring a mobile studio to your office or home and work with you to get the shots you want without you or your team wasting precious time travelling to our location. Included in our fees is basic post-processing of selected images. We can also provide an enhanced post processing service where required.


If you are in the creative or performance industries, we can set up specialised lighting arrangements at your chosen location to produce the best shots to showcase your skills, your work and your products. Whether a potter, dancer, actor, artist... our experience covers all these situations and more.


Large or small, formal or casual, we can usually provide a photographic service to suit your needs and budget.

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